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 Ismael Records

CEO & Founder Tyrone Ismael

Ismael Records Is A Independent Record Label





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Independent label, Ismael Records was founded in 1998 by Tyrone Ismael and was formed in conjunction with then wife Maryanne and long time friend, chief music producer Michael Crowell. Ismael Records headquarters was first established in Norfolk, Virginia, but has since been relocated to St. Petersburg, Florida, and has relocated to Hampton Virginia.

Tyrone Ismael is the son of Frank "Mingo"Ayers who was once a member of The famous group "The Del-Vikings" which he was also one of the leaders. The group had a minor hit called "Come Go With Me." Tyrone Ismael father, Frank "Mingo" Ayers was also one of the leader's for the famous R&B group, the fabulous "Flamingos" whose remake of the hit song "I Only Have Eyes For You."  

The song is still to this day known as one of the greatest love ballads ever re-recorded. 

Former Artists Who were Signed to the labels' roster were "BlK, Var, J.J. Rawlings. Newly signed artists are Justin Stephenson (now former artist), winner of The Chance Of A Lifetime 2011 talent search and South Carolina newly signed hip hop artist "Strokes."

Ismael Records was formerly associated with TC Thompkins of Thompkins Marketing, who has promoted such big name artists as "Luther Vandross, Alicia Keys, Patti Labelle, Scarface, and many others.   

In this ever-changing music industry Ismael Records is one of many independent labels that is helping to shape the future of independent music. Ismael says: " I believe in giving the artist some freedom of choice which will eventually help to re-shape the record industry model someday." Ismael Records believes that: Music has no boundaries and its the music that speak for itself. Written by Ruth M. Ware






Mike Crowell, J-funk, Tyrone Ismael